Minecraft Extra Planets Mod
Extra Planets Mod (Minecraft, Galacticraft)
Extra Planets is an add-on for the Galacticraft mod in Minecraft. It gives new planets/rockets/ores etc... to the game.
Space Empires IV
Space Empires
Space Empires IV
Space Empires IV is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game. You start with one planet and at the "end" of the game you can have more than 500. You can create or blow up planets/stars/black holes/nebulas... . Trade/stole/sabotage/make alliances or wars. And there are a 85 different tech areas where you can unlock a bunch of new technologies where some of them can have more 10 levels each. So you have a long way to go. There are 20 different races which can be your best allies or worst enemies.
Settlers IV Gold Edition
Run Settlers IV in Windows 7 / 10
Settlers IV is a real-time strategy where you are free to build your empire and defeat your opponents. In terms of graphics, time has passed quite a bit over the game, but whose strategy and tactics are more important than graphics, it is still an excellent entertainment. It's pretty sad that doesn't run on new machines on its own now. Now I show a solution which makes it possible to play again with this extremely fun and exciting game on newer machines as well.